Deep Spring Charters Fishing Gear

Fishing Gear

     For Salmon we use 11 foot rods with Penn 320’s spooled with 40lb line. For Halibut we use 7 foot rods with Penn 345’s spooled with 130lb Tuff Line. I personally hand tie all of my leaders. I like to troll using fresh cut bait. On occasion I will run a dummy flasher off my cannonballs. Either way when you do get a hookup it’s just you and the fish on the line.  We also use the Halibut gear for jigging Ling Cod, Snapper and Rock Fish. The Orca Mist is equipped with electric Scotty down-riggers. These combined with a 30hp kicker and an outside steering console allows me to assist you with multiple hookups.

I am all for you bringing your own favorite rod and reel. Just spool your reels with new line before you come. That way I know that your line will not snap from age or old nicks. Fly fishing for Pink and Coho is a blast in August so if you want to bring your own fly rod, I will put you on the spot. Some days the water is boiling with feeding Salmon. Casting or trolling Buck tails can be a very effective method for hooking these fish.